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Use Canva the right way to grow and monetize your business!

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Are you an ambitious business owner who’s ready to take their branding to the next level (and make more money!)?


Book me to do a Canva One-On-One Training Sessions.  We can sip on mimosas and I’ll show you exactly:


  • How to design high level branded content consistently

  • How to market your business online and attract ideal clients

  • How to save yourself a ton of time and money by using Canva

  • How to rocket launch the next phase in your business


And how to make your brand and business look like A MILLION DOLLARS without spending a cent!


Ready To Jump In And Say Yes To Yourself, Your Business And The Life You Want To Create?







Who Is Arlene Blake?


Hey There, I am an entrepreneurial event coach, event consultant, acclaimed keynote speaker, and the Founder and Director of Business Development and Corporate Events for Women On The Rise International, Inc. with over 13 years of experience as an event planner for corporate and special events.


But just in case you’re wondering what makes me an expert on canva and personal branding…


Almost every day, somebody asks me how I make my graphics look so good. Well, it’s always been me. I have a very successful nonprofit organization that I built from the ground up. And I know that all my graphic designs and branding have played a huge part in this.


But when I began, that certainly was not my area of expertise. Becoming an expert Canva wizard was all born out of necessity. As a non-profit, we simply didn’t have the funds to spend on outsourcing to designers. So, I had to figure it all out on my own.


But instead of you spending hours upon hours struggling on your own with this, I’ll show you all my top tips and tricks so that branding becomes a total breeze for you!


Ready to make your brand look like a million bucks, straight out the gate?

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