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Terms & Conditions

Coaching Expectations:

  1. Must complete and submit coaching questionnaire at least 24 hours before scheduled session.

  2. Must reschedule sessions at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled session or will count as a no show.

  3. No refunds are provided but you can reschedule session if more than 24 hour notice is provided.

  4. Appointments are scheduled via link on website (Calendly).

  5. You will login to Google Meet via the link on the calendar invite sent to you at designated meeting time. After ten minutes, your appointment will be considered as a no show.

  6. These sessions are meant to help you get connected with your goals and/or event to create the the outcome you desire.

  7. Coaching is 100% Confidential and Non-Judgmental. This is a two-way approach. My tactics are for you only.

  8. Sessions are 50 minutes. (Discovery Calls are 15 minutes)

  9. Goals and focus might change for each call based on your needs.

  10. I return calls and emails within 24 hours and will post and/or email vacation dates and unavailability.

  11. I will help you set, clarify and maintain focus on your goals.

  12. I will hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do.

  13. I will help you establish your own solutions and strategies.

  14. I will challenge you, encourage and support you.

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