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Do You Need a Mentor/Coach for Your Personal and Professional Goals?

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This quiz is designed for full-time working moms who are considering starting a business or who want to grow an existing one, and for women seeking to find their voice while building their platform. Answer the following questions to see if a mentor/coach could be beneficial for you:

Current Professional Status:

A. I am a full-time working mom.

B. I am considering starting a business.

C. I have already started a business but need help growing it.

Business Planning:

A. I have a business idea but don’t know where to start.

B. I have started my business but struggle with planning and strategy.

C. I am comfortable with my current business plan and strategy.

Time Management:

A. I find it challenging to balance work, family, and personal interests.

B. I manage my time well but could use improvement.

C. I am a pro at balancing my various responsibilities.

Finding Your Voice:

A. I struggle to find and express my unique voice in my business or platform.

B. I sometimes feel confident in my voice but other times, not so much.

C. I am always confident in expressing my voice and vision.

Support System:

A. I often feel alone in my entrepreneurial journey.

B. I have some support but could use more professional guidance.

C. I have a strong support system and ample guidance.

Business Growth Challenges:

A. I am unsure how to grow my business effectively.

B. I have some ideas for growth but lack experience or resources.

C. I am confident in my ability to grow my business.

Personal Development:

A. I am looking for ways to develop personally as I grow my business.

B. I sometimes focus on personal development.

C. I regularly engage in personal development activities.

Knowledge and Skill Set:

A. I feel I lack the knowledge or skills necessary for starting or growing a business.

B. I have some relevant knowledge and skills but need to learn more.

C. I am well-equipped with the knowledge and skills for my business.

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