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//It's Your Time to Shine//

Juggling the roles of a working mom can feel like orchestrating a symphony with a hundred instruments, each playing a different tune. You're the conductor, trying to harmonize career aspirations, family responsibilities, and personal goals. In this complex melody of life, it's easy to lose your rhythm. That's where Just Start It, LLC steps in.

As a solopreneur deeply attuned to the unique challenges of women in business, I specialize in empowering working moms, nonprofit startups, and those striving to create additional income for their families. My services, including One on One Mentoring, Performance Coaching, Marketing and Event Consulting, and Business Strategy, are tailored to help you find your balance and perfect your life's symphony. My mission is to empower you to lead not just a successful career but a fulfilling life, orchestrating a masterpiece where your professional dreams and family life create a harmonious blend. Let's turn your aspirations into a beautiful reality.


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//Does this sound like you//

Are you Ready to level up but you...

01. are worried about the financial aspect... Can you afford it right now, especially with other family and household expenses?


02. are busy juggling work, family, and personal commitments, and are not sure if you have enough time to dedicate to personal development and coaching.


03. have tried various programs and courses before, but didn't see the results you hoped for. How do you know this will actually help you achieve your goals?


04. get stressed at the idea of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new... What if you fail or it doesn't work out as planned?


//There is hope!//

Life can be fulfilling

Understanding your concerns is crucial, and I want to assure you that there is always a path forward. Financial concerns are often at the forefront when considering personal development. That's why we offer affordable plans making it a viable investment in your future. Regarding time constraints, I know how precious every minute is for a busy individual especially working moms. Our programs are specifically designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your efficiency and focus without overwhelming your day.


When it comes to doubts about the effectiveness of our programs, rest assured that our approach is personalized to meet your unique needs and goals, ensuring that you see real, tangible results. I understand that the fear of change and stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting... I am here to support and guide you through this journey, making each step forward a confident and assured one. 


Designing Your Exceptional Journey










Mentorship & Performance Coaching

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur, a nonprofit leader, or a professional seeking growth, our coaching offers the tools and support through personalized sessions to help you gain insight, strategies, and the confidence to tackle challenges and achieve your goals.


Social Media Marketing & Event Consulting

Our expertise in digital marketing will help you captivate your audience and stand out in the digital world. Additionally, if you're aiming to enhance your platform through signature events, our event coaching sessions will guide you in creating memorable and impactful experiences.


Business Development

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Our Business Development Services. From crafting a detailed business plan to navigating the complexities of business registration and setting up efficient processes, we provide the expertise to lay a solid foundation for your business.


Working with Arlene opened my eyes to areas of my wellness business that I needed to expound on. I struggled with thinking everyone knows about yoga and its benefits. By working with Arlene I was shown that this is not true. I need to talk about the benefits over and over again across my socials and while networking in person. I also love Arlene's immense attention to detail. She made me a storyboard with 30 days worth of content! I have used this storyboard over and over again to help me gain business and position myself as a thought leader in the health and wellness space.

~Lesline, Lesline Does Wellness

Working with Arlene's event strategist services at Just Start It, LLC was a game-changer for me. Initially lost in the complexities of event planning, her guidance provided a clear path forward. What stood out was her commitment to understanding my audience; through meticulous research, she made them feel heard and understood. This personalized touch not only refined my message but uncovered my inspirational voice. The result? An emotionally resonant connection with my audience. Working with Arlene transcends event planning; it's about forging meaningful connections to better serve those you aim to inspire. Highly recommend her services without reservation!

~Dr. Marcelline Girlie, Vivid Minds Mental Care

I'm thrilled to share my fantastic experience with Arlene at Just Start It. Over the years, Arlene has provided exceptional tailored Canva training for my team, complete with recordings. She also created a stellar brand guide and PowerPoint template, perfectly aligned with our brand. Arlene's unique strength lies in her ability to listen to our needs, prioritizing impactful projects for my company. Her personal touch and unparalleled professionalism make Just Start It my go-to for anything related to our brand's success. I wholeheartedly recommend Arlene for her outstanding work and genuine, collaborative spirit.

~Shameka Allen, Catalyst Event Coaching

My name is Nicole Hill-Eugene and I am a Lifestyle Realtor in the Orlando, Central Florida area. I say Lifestyle Realtor as I try to incorporate other aspects of the Florida lifestyle and living. I was looking for content that reflects that and Arlene was able to find a location to get pictures and video.  Arlene is a strategic thinker and listens to my needs.  I loved how she coached me on how to walk and sit and what shots and angles to capture. When I posted snippets of the videos to my social media, the feedback was very positive and I did notice an increase in my followers.

~Nicole, Blair Realtor Group 

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//Meet Your Coach//

Hey Deevas! I'm Arlene

I'm Arlene Blake, an entrepreneur and sales leader with a flair for crafting innovative strategies that captivate audiences and skyrocket sales. My passion lies in fostering teamwork, as I recruit, build, and train high-performing teams to seize opportunities and surpass goals.


At the heart of my journey is Women on the Rise International, Inc., an organization I founded to empower women through education and networking. Over the last eight years, I've dedicated myself to making it a beacon for women's career advancement.


//Ignite, Flourish, and Ascend//

Coaching that Sparks Your Ambition

Seeking an Engaging Workshop Facilitator or a Skilled Communications Coordinator for Your Upcoming Projects?"

At Just Start It, LLC, we specialize in delivering dynamic workshops and providing expert communications coordination for employee wellness programs, employee resource groups, and community initiatives. Our workshop topics range from navigating relationships, kickstarting initiatives, to embracing change with resilience. We focus on practical strategies for leaders, such as identifying challenges, creating support systems, and finding mentorship. If you're looking for a facilitator who can inspire your team and drive impactful conversations, or a communications coordinator to bring your projects to life with clarity and vision, look no further. Contact us to bring a transformative edge to your next event or project!

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