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It’s Your Time to Shine

You have incredible ideas, and a passion for your work. So when you throw an event, you should have no trouble getting people to come. Right?


The reality is, while great ideas and passion are incredibly important, it takes more than that to pack a room and host a successful event. You need event strategy and marketing expertise working for you to pull off the big event you’ve been dreaming of.


That’s where I come in, to add that special strategic sparkle to attract an audience and make your event truly shine. 


Ready for event coaching that will take your events to the next level?

Join the Winner's Circle

I generated upwards of $135,000 in event sales through strategic partnerships and management and so can you.

In my 13 years of experience in corporate event planning and management, I have learned exactly how to fund and plan events that have high attendance, and provide valuable experiences for guests. I have generated upwards of $135,000 in event sales over the past year through strategic partnerships and management, and I can help you do the same.


Here’s what we’ll do during your consultation and coaching with me:

  1. Brainstorm & Plan - We will brainstorm ideas and nail down the concept for your event, then create a clear plan of action to execute every last detail.

  2. Target - Next, we will identify your target market, so we know exactly how to advertise your event and who to ask for sponsorship.

  3. Strategize - We’ll identify your key performance indicators, and develop the best marketing strategy to fund and market your event.

  4. Prepare - I will teach you my own personal preparation methods to take the stress out of event planning, and ensure you are completely ready on the day of the event.

Start Your Journey

Discovery Call

Let's discuss how you are going to build your brand, think outside the box and earn additional revenue through events. - This is a brief introduction goal to see how I can be of help to you.

Event Coaching

We will have a 50 minute phone consultation to discuss your event, and I will walk you through the event planning process to develop strategies to increase profits and event attendance, and help you identify key performance indicators. 

Book this session as often as needed.

Accountability Coaching

We often find ourselves being SO BUSY but not actually achieving any of the goals that we set for ourselves. This program is meant to help you get un-stuck and focus in on what's most important. Arlene is a no-excuse Coach and believes to achieve any goal you simply have to "Just Start".


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Past Work

2019 Women on the Rise Conference & Empowerment Expo

Inaugural Women on the Rise Awards Gala

Women on the Rise Educated and Broke Empowerment Series


Let’s Engage

Book your session today, and we’ll get your event started on the right track.

I look forward to working with you!




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